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    Thank you for visiting the Pilgrim Gift Shop!

    The Pilgrim Gift Shop is proud to be a resourceful servant of those looking for

     spiritual gifts and keepsakes. Many volunteers offer up their time and talents to ensure the gift shop will remain within the community for years to come. As time has evolved, so have our customers. Many of those who hold the Shrine dear to their hearts have moved father away, but still hold a spiritual connection to it.

    Therefore, in order to fulfill our servant duties, we must evolve too. 

    That is why we are excited to launch this new website for online purchasing.

    At first, the product offerings will be limited to Remembrance / Memorial items

     that we currently deliver to local funeral homes. This will allow those who cannot get to the 

    Shrine during normal business hours, or those who live farther away, a more convenient ordering option.

    As a non-profit that is blessed with so many wonderful volunteers, we will continue 

    to add products to the online store as demand and help allows. Thank you for your support 

    as we continue to find ways to expand our mission of peace, prayer and hospitality!

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